Contemporary jewelry exploring the subject of gender and feminism: research and exhibition.

Moscow 2020


1.    I’m not from Russia. Can I still participate in the project?

Certainly! Our project is international, so artists from any country are welcome. However keep in mind that if your work will be accepted for the show, the delivery to and from Moscow will be your responsibility. 

2.    I applied for 9 March Project. When will I know if my application got accepted?

As soon as we get your application we will confirm that we received it with a response letter. We will let you know if it was accepted approximately in two weeks time.

3.    My application was accepted. What happens next?

If you applied with already existing work, then nothing – just be ready to answer a few follow-up questions and to deliver it to Moscow no later than on the 15th of February 2020.
However, if you applied with a concept, prototype or sketch, then you have another deadline ahead of you: your work should be completed before December 15th 2019. After this date we reserve the right to decline the work in case it will differ drastically from the concept you applied with or if the quality of the work will not be up to standard. We will let you know the final decision in no more than two weeks after we receive the photo of completed work.

4.    Can I apply more than once?

Sure! You can apply as many times as many suitable ideas for the project you have. However in the end we cannot accept more than 5 works from one artist – so, for example, if you apply with ten works, we’ll have to pick only 5 even if we like all ten.
5.    Can I sell my works during the exhibition?

You can reserve a work for a client in order to sell it after the end of the show (and we recommend asking to be paid in advance). However we do not act as middlemen and we request that the work should stay at the exhibition until the very end.

6.    Are there any limitations regarding the size of the work or the materials used?

Just the general rules of fire safety and common sense. In any case, we will stay in close contact with you throughout the whole process, so if you have any doubts don’t hesitate to ask.

7.    Will my work be well protected during the show? 


Keeping your work safe will be our first priority, however we will not be able to provide insurance during the show. We would recommend to insure your work, especially if it contains precious metals or gems.

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